It’s Sushi Time


I have wanted to make sushi for so long! I always thought, why am I paying so much money to get sushi, when I can make it at home exactly the way I want it?  Well the answer to that is because I had no idea how to make it.  Now I do.

I went to the Asian store and bought two bamboo rolling sticks, sushi rice, nori (which is the seaweed paper), and of course I had to get a cute plate to put it on.  Then I sliced up some veggies, and watched this tutorial on youtube, and off I went!

My final product, shown below, came out great before I cut it.  I didn’t have a sharp enough knife to cut through the nori without squishing the sushi a bit, so that is now on the shopping list for next time.  It still tasted great!  I’d like to experiment by adding different veggies for next time.  I am so excited!


This Asparagus Soup IS AMAZING


So I was going through some blogs and looking for something creamy and filling on my vegan diet.  I found an asparagus soup over at the Vegangela blog and I noticed that the ingredients list was short (perfect), and there was lots of simmering and not much stirring (also perfect).  I decided to give it a try.

Now, asparagus tastes great, don’t get me wrong, but it totally tastes like veggies.  A very distinct veggie taste.  I was apprehensive about the recipe, especially since I had to use ALL the asparagus in my fridge, and I didn’t want to waste it.

I didn’t weigh out the asparagus like it said to in the recipe, and I used 32 ounces of veggie stock, instead of the 5 cups, because that was the size of the container I had.  I soaked my cashews in water, and cooked for the full 20 minutes, maybe even longer because I got distracted on the phone with my friend 🙂

This soup is amazing.  Thank you Angela at Vegangela for sharing this on your blog.  I recommend everyone make it if they are looking for a nice, filling, warm soup.  Smooth and delicious!  Looking forward to trying more recipes from your site Angela!

Day 26 of Being a Vegan

I made it 26 days!  It sounds so crazy, but really, I am still doing OK.  I haven’t had any more slip ups since the ones I reported earlier – and things are good.  I am trying new recipes and making sure to keep stocked up on all sorts of fruits.  When I am worried about a shift at work or a 5.5 hour block of chemistry where I can’t eat, I eat one or two bananas before and have another snack like protein clusters waiting in my bag for the second I get out.

I am keeping active, though not as active as I would like with all the cold weather.  I did go snowboarding a twice already, and I’ll be on the mountain on Friday/Saturday as well.  I am using the indoor bike, and I even found my way to the treadmill once or twice.  I am trying to do some strength training every day, whether it be a few sit-ups, a few curls, or some squats.  Overall, I think I can make this vegan thing work!

Attempt #1 At Making Vegan Cheese

So… I am no chef.  I am not a recipe builder and I (probably) won’t invent anything new and share it on this blog.  There are a MILLION other blogs out there that already do this.  As a new vegan, I am hoping to try new foods that I find online, document my findings, and do what works for me – all while sharing with the online vegan community.  I also don’t follow recipes exactly.  I don’t always have all the ingredients, and in general, such strict rules drive me nuts 🙂

I love cheese.  I can no longer eat cheese.  What will I do instead? Experiment with vegan cheeses.

I found one over at Jennifer’s Kitchen.  For the record – It looks FANTASTIC in her picture, please, check it out.  I’m sure mine would have came out like that if I actually followed directions…

I thought I was so smart. IMG_20150119_122215 I went to Whole Foods, bought the agar and the cashews (not salted) and I was good to go.  I came home, started putting everything in the blender, and realized I forgot the tahini.  I Googled a few things, and found one site that said you could mix equal parts of sesame seeds with olive oil to get a “tahini like” mixture – so I figured, what the heck.  I poured some sesame seeds in my mix, and a little oil, and figured It would work.

The cool part was that it came out solid, as you can see above, IMG_20150119_122247despite my feelings before putting it in the fridge.  It definitely needed to be a creamier mixture.  I should not have used that extra oil, and just tried a nut butter or gotten off my butt and gone back to the store!

I did rescue it.  Since I knew all the ingredients were delicious and vegan I wasn’t afraid to give this strange mushy stuff a try, and spread it on some mini toasts!  You know what?  It still tastes good.  Like a cold refreshing cashew spread.  Horray!

I have hope for this recipe and plan to try it again.  Next time I’ll use the actual ingredients on the recipe! 😀