What Is Your Go-To Vegan Food?


You know when you’re in a super rush?  Which happens to be like almost every day of the week?  And you are like… I swear I said this vegan thing wasn’t that hard but seriously, who has time to wash up everything and make it nice?  Well, that’s how I feel a lot.  Especially now that I am in school and I have so many exams all the time, all year! I don’t even get summers off!

Well, when things get kind of crazy, my go-to vegan foods are basically tacos and Mexican style foods.  I will take anything that’s diced up, stir fried and eaten in a taco shell or scooped up with a tortilla chip.

For example: Guacamole, salsa, beans mushed together, blended beans with random spices, “chili” that may or may not be chili and all you know is it’s completely vegan and has some spices in it…. those are just a few.  And for a summery touch even some squash and tomatoes cooked up with some rice makes a good filling.

Bring on the easy, non-expensive vegan dishes!

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