Vegan Grilled Cheese Done Right


I wasn’t sure how I felt about vegan cheese.  It really isn’t that great.  It usually tastes pretty salty, and the hard cheddar kinds are just that… hard… and kind of cheddar-y?  So we were with some friends away for a weekend and I packed a bunch of different vegan items to hold me over.  Then I realized, I have a vegan cream cheese – that tastes like virtually nothing – but hey it’s creamy right?  And I ALSO had that hard cheddar cheese.  So, what better way to enjoy a grilled cheese than to mix the two!

BEST IDEA EVER.  I got the salty cheddar-y hard cheese mixed with creamy tasteless nothingness but had added texture benefits, then grilled it up and dipped it in tomato soup.  The tomato soup was the winner for flavor, and the bread and combined cheeses really added the texture I was looking for.

See – grilled cheese can be good vegan too. Thank goodness.

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