Happy 4th of July Weekend Everyone!


When starting off this holiday weekend don’t forget to prepare yourself for the BBQ vegan style!  The worst is when you show up to a BBQ, and then you realize there was nothing for you anyway, and you probably should just eat the lettuce.

That’s why you have to bring your own stuff.

Featured above is a photo from my Instagram (@razzledazzlelove) from my last BBQ.  They are fabulous veggies skewers!  They have onions, potatoes, tofu, tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini on them.  I would recommend cooking the potatoes first in another fashion, maybe baking them before putting them on the skewer or they do not cook at the same rate as the other veggies.

If you’d rather not put in the effort for skewers, there are those sweet grilling baskets that you can buy for anywhere from $15-$30 in a grilling section of almost any store.

Happy and safe BBQ-ing to all!

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