BBQ Tempeh Sandwhiches



Quick and easy BBQ taste! And on a nice vegan English muffin.  Now that’s what I needed for my carb-and-main-stream-food-craving!

I basically crumbled my Tempeh into a pan, added some onions, peppers, and some BBQ sauce, and heated with a tablespoon of oil.  Then added some salt and pepper and put it on my toasted English muffin.  It took about ten minutes to make.

2 thoughts on “BBQ Tempeh Sandwhiches”

  1. That looks amazing! But, what the heck is Tempeh? I remember something you wrote about vegan digestion taking place in the lower something. How is that better than the upper something, where I gather normal BBQ is digested?

    1. Tempeh is a fermented soy product. 🙂

      Random side note: So there’s a not-so-awesome thing about this recipe. The BBQ sauce that I used (Sweet Baby Rays) contains high fructose corn syrup. So although it doesn’t have any animal products, the sugar (HFCS) worries me. Fructose travels into cells through facilitated diffusion and essentially can just move right in, whereas other molecules, like glucose, require energy to move into cells, and move in at a *slightly* slower rate. Sugar scares me a bit – ever since I read Dr. Lustig’s book “Fat Chance”. He also has this AWESOME super long YouTube video about Fructose if you have an hour and a half to watch it:

      Anyway, I am not as sure that digestion completely takes place in the lower digestive tract.. and I am not an expert on digestion, but my understanding is that protein digestion can start in the stomach, but the stomach doesn’t do any of the good absorption. You can absorb aspirin and alcohol in the stomach according to my anatomy professors. All of the absorption of nutrients occurs in the small intestines.

      So I guess in terms of being vegan, fruits and veggies can slow down the digestion and absorption process with respect to glucose. You don’t want to have a lot of glucose available right away for instance, because then your blood sugar would spike, you would release a lot of insulin to lower it, and then work to store it as fat. This can happen in anything with a lot of sugar (sucrose/fructose/glucose), and in processed foods there is not a lot of fiber so you get a lot of sugar really quick!

      So if you are eating primarily fruits and veggies with a lot of fiber, then the fiber is bound to the sugars, so it digests slowly in the intestines, and the glucose slowly becomes released and available for absorption and use by the cells. This way your blood sugar levels will stay more even, and you can use the glucose if you need it or store it for later if you don’t.

      I think the key in the vegan diet is the fiber, which comes from the less processed foods. And the fiber, which can be insoluble (not digestible but still good for you for other reasons) or soluble (digestible), will be dealt with in the intestines.

      Of course, I am still doing a lot of learning! So if you have heard anything else – or have a better explanation, please let me know! Nutrition is so interesting! Sorry if I confused you with some of my earlier comments on digestion!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

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