Banana Bites


The times that I fell off the vegan wagon were times that I was craving chocolates and more bread-carb-intense foods.  I have found a way to fix those cravings!

Banana Peanut butter chocolate bites! Delicious.  I remember seeing these on someones instagram, and then I couldn’t remember who’s it was, but the closest thing to what I made I found over at A Healthy Slice of Life. 

I didn’t freeze mine, just popped them in the fridge and they were great.


As I made more batches I got the hang of it, and made it a little more efficient.  I put the PB in a little bag and cut the corner off so that I could squirt it onto the banana to make the sandwich.  Then I used toothpicks to hold it all together and dip it in the melted chocolate, and when I figured out the gloriousness of wax paper – my life was ten times better.

You should all make these now.

This Asparagus Soup IS AMAZING


So I was going through some blogs and looking for something creamy and filling on my vegan diet.  I found an asparagus soup over at the Vegangela blog and I noticed that the ingredients list was short (perfect), and there was lots of simmering and not much stirring (also perfect).  I decided to give it a try.

Now, asparagus tastes great, don’t get me wrong, but it totally tastes like veggies.  A very distinct veggie taste.  I was apprehensive about the recipe, especially since I had to use ALL the asparagus in my fridge, and I didn’t want to waste it.

I didn’t weigh out the asparagus like it said to in the recipe, and I used 32 ounces of veggie stock, instead of the 5 cups, because that was the size of the container I had.  I soaked my cashews in water, and cooked for the full 20 minutes, maybe even longer because I got distracted on the phone with my friend 🙂

This soup is amazing.  Thank you Angela at Vegangela for sharing this on your blog.  I recommend everyone make it if they are looking for a nice, filling, warm soup.  Smooth and delicious!  Looking forward to trying more recipes from your site Angela!

Oatmeal Raisin Balls!


Today I tried oatmeal raisin balls.  I got them from over at Hell Yeah It’s Vegan!

As usual, I modified the recipe slightly based on what I had but they actually came out awesome.  I’ve been seeing pictures of these things all over Instagram in various different forms, mostly with dates, but this one just had oats, walnuts, and raisins as the base.

My modifications included:

  • Cashews instead of walnuts since I had some left over from another recipe
  • Thyme instead of cloves, and just a pinch of it, since I’ve never stocked cloves and couldn’t even tell you what they would have tasted like
  • No salt
  • I cooked the oats for 30 seconds beforehand to absorb a little water
  • I rolled them in coconut flakes because it just makes it look awesome

So basically these things came out awesome.  I am finally getting some recipes of little snack type things that I might be able to make for people to try when they come over.  Being vegan is getting me excited about having other people taste these treats.  I know most people won’t like them (or maybe they will!) but I am excited to invite people over.  Then I wont have to just eat salad at the restaurant anymore.  That gets boring really quick.

Nice Cream Round Two :)



Nice cream?  What is this?  Why does everyone post all these delicious looking pictures?  What am I supposed to eat when boyfriend wants to eat ice cream and watch TV!?!?!  Nice cream is the answer.  I tried it just a short while back with cocoa powder and that was pretty good, but I wanted to try some other flavors to see if I can find one that hides the banana taste a little.

I am getting used to the taste of bananas so that’s a good thing.  But still, the less it tastes like bananas the better.  My two most recent attempts include a vanilla cinnamon nice cream, and a strawberry nice cream .


Vanilla: 1 frozen banana with splashes of vanilla, cinnamon, and soy milk to taste.

Strawberry: 2 frozen bananas, 1/2 a bag of frozen strawberries

Boyfriend liked both of them so much he now asks me to make him some too every time I make any!

Spinach Potato Mashes



There is a recipe over at Cruelty Free Family for Spinach Potato Puffs – so I had to try it.  The ingredients list was short which always works for me!

I was a little scared by the long directions, so I modified it a bit.

Instead of roasting the garlic in the oven, I threw it in the toaster oven on “toast” for 10 minutes while I diced up my potatoes.

Instead of defrosting all the frozen spinach, I just left it out while I was doing the preparations, and by the time I mixed it into the potatoes they pretty much defrosted themselves during the mixing process.

I did not use any vegan butter, nor did I use oil or salt.  I figured I could add them at the end.

I rolled the balls then mushed them flat with a fork.

I also ended up cooking them about five minutes longer, because I was expecting them to have some sort of crunch to them, which they didn’t.  Is this because I didn’t use the butter?  In the original recipe they are called potato “puffs” so maybe they aren’t supposed to be crispy?  If you let them sit and cool – which is so hard to do if you’re hungry! – they are easier to take off the pan and still delicious.  May need some salt, if you have a taste for it.   🙂




Avocado Cucumber Rainbow Rolls


So I saw this awesome looking video over at FullyRaw Kristina’s youtube page for avocado cucumber rainbow rolls.  I love watching her videos because they are inspiring and she uses all raw ingredients.  I decided to make these rainbow rolls, and even though her video was only 6 minutes long, it took me closer to 15 to prepare and make them.

I also didn’t have toothpicks so I had to use chopsticks to hold my rolls together.  I used a mandolin to slice the cucumbers, but I used the biggest setting, and probably should have used a slightly thinner setting for easier rolling.  I also got my peppers pre-cut from the store, and I used a mixed bag of lettuce type materials, that had a little lettuce, cabbage, and even some broccoli in it to use as filling.  Luckily I didn’t choose each thing individually or I would have been in my kitchen the entire day.  I am not the quickest slicer and dicer!

So after making 8 rolls, I devoured them.  It actually took me longer to eat than I would have thought.  The delicious avocado sauce came out the sides a bit, but it was still good.  Also I think since there is a lot of water, and a lot of crunchy goodness, I actually had to chew and enjoy my food.  After eating all 8 I was successfully stuffed, but I was hungry again just 2 hours later, so it didn’t have enough substance to hold me over.  As for an awesome, refreshing, mid afternoon snack – I’d recommend them.


I am going Bananas!!

I have a love hate relationship with bananas.  I like bananas whole as a snack, but when I blend them into things and mix them with other foods there is something about the taste or smell that puts me off.  I am trying to overcome that.  I am trying to be inspired by people like Freelee the banana girl and Fully Raw Kristina who just love bananas!  They are so good for you – and I want to eat more of them!

So.. A recommendation from so many instagrammers, as well as fromIMG_20150118_185839 my cousin, was the banana ice cream!  All you have to do is freeze a ripe banana, and when you are ready for ice cream, you blend it with your other vegan ingredients to whatever flavor you want.

I tried a chocolate one.  I used 1 frozen banana, a splash of soy milk for easier blending, and 1 spoon of cocoa powder.  It came out surprisingly well, barely tasting like bananas.  I am looking forward to adding more types of strong flavored fruits to see if I can have a less banana taste and other flavors as well!

Day 26 of Being a Vegan

I made it 26 days!  It sounds so crazy, but really, I am still doing OK.  I haven’t had any more slip ups since the ones I reported earlier – and things are good.  I am trying new recipes and making sure to keep stocked up on all sorts of fruits.  When I am worried about a shift at work or a 5.5 hour block of chemistry where I can’t eat, I eat one or two bananas before and have another snack like protein clusters waiting in my bag for the second I get out.

I am keeping active, though not as active as I would like with all the cold weather.  I did go snowboarding a twice already, and I’ll be on the mountain on Friday/Saturday as well.  I am using the indoor bike, and I even found my way to the treadmill once or twice.  I am trying to do some strength training every day, whether it be a few sit-ups, a few curls, or some squats.  Overall, I think I can make this vegan thing work!