My Best Banana Ice Cream Yet – Raspberry



It was so delicious, so tart, and I spent extra time blending it so I didn’t add more almond milk.  That gave it a creamier consistency.  Fantastic!

2.5 Bananas (some frozen)

12 oz. Raspberries (frozen)

A splash of almond milk to help it blend.

New Instagram Inspirations

Using Instagram has motivated me as a new vegScreenshot_2015-01-14-13-36-04an.  I was searching for a community, and I found it.   I get to scroll through pictures of fruit and veggies all day and be inspired.  People also share recipes and great ideas, and it makes me want to keep eating healthy.  If they are eating healthy, I should too!

What’s even better is that my Instagram account is ONLY for vegan ideas, so there is nothing clouding the motivation.  I feel no obligation to scroll through my friends lives, as I have Facebook, email, and real interaction (gasp!) to update me on the ones I love.  This Instagram is purely motivational.

Granted, I want my motivation for eating vegan to be health and energy, and not a trend (don’t worry – it’s not!), but sometimes I need a little inspiration.  Instagram is the perfect outlet, and I’m posting photos of my own on a daily basis!

Today is day 8 and I am still going strong.  I am about to cut up a bunch of oranges for breakfast and scroll through beautiful fruit photos!